Testimonials from my clients

Rob Reynolds is a helpful professional, quick acting agent. He is an aggressive closer, throughout the process of finding us the perfect house at a price that was reasonable considering the market. We are insanely difficult customers. We had very specific wants. Eichler, 3 bedrooms, fireplace, large backyard, under $1 Million, and in a good neighborhood.

The other two agents that we had previously worked with, from other realty companies, kept telling us to buy a dump in a crappy neighborhood with a cruddy school district. They would give us lists of useless printouts and we would go to seven open houses every Sunday and when we would see something we liked, we would call our 'agent' and she would get back to us 48 hours later saying the house already had several bids.

After the second house we made an offer on, which fell through with this dope-- we switched to another agent, another mistake, she did the same thing and lost us a bid because she went on vacation and didn't assign us a replacement agent. So we contacted Rob Reynolds.

Right away he asked us a lot of questions and sent all kinds of e-links to houses, not printouts. Within a few days he knew exactly what we were looking for, the price and the neighborhoods. We saw a few that showed promise. I went to the open houses, I called him, and he acted on our interest within hours. No business people from overseas got their bid in or outbid us; he answered all of our calls, texts, and emails immediately. He is aggressive in directing people when they need it. He tackled difficult things and fixed them immediately. We had some concerns and wanted a second opinion on an inspection and he had resources for that. No waiting around time.

Rob made sure that this sale didn't fall through. He took care of us as if it was his own personal purchase. He followed the loan officer's actions, he made sure the title people did their stuff correctly and even followed up with neighborhood/school questions that we had.

Thank you ROB REYNOLDS! We love our Eichler Style home in Menlo Park! If it wasn't for Rob, we would still be looking at dumps in East San Jose.

I recommend working with Rob, his assertiveness and methodology got us our price without losing the sale to someone else. There is not much inventory, there is huge competition, and it was difficult to not get outbid. Rob made sure that we got our house. He is the agent you need for this market. His personality and knowledge is what it takes for a good strong close in this market.

If you use anyone else.... you get what you get.

I will use him again if we buy again. My mom is going to use Rob to sell her condo.

Peter Gertz Maryjane Gertz Ph.D April 2014

Peter & Maryjane Gertz
Menlo Park

2014-8-8 Testimonial from Mark Monsarrat

I recommend Rob J. Reynolds, of ReMax in Redwood Shores, as a very helpful, kind and effective agent for anyone’s real estate needs. In a recent purchase transaction, with Rob’s assistance, I prevailed over a field of 23 competitive offers to secure a great property at the right price. By contrast, I worked with other agents in the past who failed to deliver, and in much less competitive situations.

I connected with Rob through a lending associate of his at an open house, and he also came highly recommended by a contractor I met, who was not affiliated, which indicated to me that Rob has a great reputation in the area.

Reynolds provided the utmost service in a friendly manner, keeping me updated on available properties meeting my particular requirements, and on the latest market conditions. When the time came, he skillfully guided me through the offer and contract process, and helped me execute a quick close. He was also very helpful after the sale, connecting me with a great design-contractor and other essential service providers.

In summary, Rob has what you want in a real estate agent: the knowledge, skill, experience, and connections to make good things happen for you. I give him my highest recommendation.

-Mark Monsarrat,

Mark Monsarrat
Redwood City

Looking for a house in the Bay Area is quite a daunting task. It requires you to be patient while also maintaining a consistent push forward in progress. Theres somewhat of a balance that one must obtain in purchasing a home. A goal for Stefanie and I was to be able to find the right house, at the right price, with the right tools. A huge part of that equation was a Realtor that we could depend on to create that balance. Since this was our first home, things felt a lot "bigger". The expectations were bigger, the amount of money seemed quite large, and the stress of finding that perfect home was at times over bearing. When Stefanie informed me that she had contacted Rob, I honestly didn't know what to expect. Rob immediately sent us an email with possible houses that fit our budget, style, and needs. The convenience of having the homes already in a searchable database was really key in getting our home. Well, to make a long story short, we found this one house that was with the listings. I immediately grabbed my cell phone to call Rob. About an hour after I had called him, he informed me that we could stop by the house to look at it, in which I was the first to take a look. I would later find out that this would be a significant key in getting our home. Our expectations of the house were confirmed, we loved everything about it. We were in a multiple bid situation and we stratigized on a bid for the home and it was accepted. Its probably going to be later in my life when I look back and realize that the key components to getting a home were aligned with our purchase. Working with Rob was really great. He gave advice when I needed it, but let me make the decisions I had to make in my own time. I never once regreted any decision that was made because I felt so confident with the tools that I was prepared with. Stefanie and I truly are lucky to have a home to call our own and Rob was a big part in getting it.

Stefanie & Patrick Chen
Palo Alto

Mr. Rob Reynolds

I am writing to you in appreciation for landing us in our second property on the Bay Area peninsula. Thanks again for all the work and effort it took in this overly-competitive market to get us a beautifully remodeled home that fit our search. We appreciate you taking the time during my lunch hour to show me around previewing many homes with-in my rate lock month. We know with our "buying power limitations" that we own a home on the mid-peninsula because of your relationships with other agents and a sense timing with the Bay Area market.

We look forward to our entry level going West to the hills when we are ready to move on with more equity. From being in the Bay Area market long enough I know with diligence and agent saavy that goals are reached when you put your mind and effort towards them as we have done again. We are so proud to be homeowners in a place where some are afraid to even try.

Very truly,

Joel and Victoria Sawacki

Joel and Victoria Sawacki
Redwood City

From: Amy Hornibrook Subject: Thank you To: rob@robreynolds.com

Hi Rob, I want to start out by saying thank you for taking the time out last night to show us the condos. We both found your knowledge and experience very helpful, since we are so unknowledgeable in this field. First time buying, especially this early on in the process, can be a very exciting but nerve racking experience. There is so much to take in all at once. Having you ease us into the process and inform us as we good as to what to look out for and what to expect is extremely helpful. As I said last night, you were the only real estate agent that took the time and energy to help us out even knowing that it could be a year before we are ready to buy. Having someone who shares the same philosophy of taking ones time to gain information before jumping into the mix, will make this process all the less stressful. At no time did we feel pressured or smoozed by you. You were able to give us insight without being pushy. We discussed it last night and we both agreed that we would like to use you as our agent and would appreciate any information you may have in regard to properties and mortgages. I will utilize the tools you gave me to check out what is currently available and make comparisons. For future references, Jim and I both liked the first property at 540 Shorebird Circle #2110. It had the space we want with lots of windows and sliding glass doors for cross ventilation. Although the interior decoration, paint, floors, fireplace, etc, were not as nice as the second condo at 233, those things can always be worked on. The view of 247 was amazing, but that is one of the luxuries we would be willing to sacrifice for other options. Anyway, Thank you again and please keep in touch. Sincerely Amy Hornibrook

Jim & Amy
Redwood Shores

November 10, 2004

To whom it may Concern:

I wish to show my appreciation for the tremendous job that was done by Rob Reynolds of Carlmont Associates, in regards to the selling of my mother's home at 2305 Buena Vista Avenue in Belmont.

Residing in Oregon, and having moved my mother up here due to illness, it made my job of trying to sell the house quite difficult due to time and distance. Rob took charge from the beginning and took care of many tasks, including arranging for repainting, carpeting and other finishing work on my behalf. This indeed saved me much expense and time in dealing with this, and probably in the long run, got the job done better than if I had done it myself.

His knowledge of California Real Estate Laws and Regulations further smoothed over the mountain of paper work that had to be handled. This included coordinating with the family lawyer, and the neighbors, who all said Rob was very professional and pleasant to deal with. This left a good taste in their mouths in regards to future dealings with Real Estate Brokers.

Again, my thanks and appreciation for a job well done by Rob

Kind regards,

Rick Barnes

34450 Pinewood Lane Lebanon, OR

Rick Barnes
Belmont Listing

July 24, 2005

Rob Reynolds Carlmont Associates Belmont, CA

Dear Rob, We want to thank you for helping us realize our home buying dream.

When we met we were prepared to tackle the job of finding a home on my own and didn’t think we needed help. You gave me a lot of sound advice and information about what we were up against. We took your words into consideration and decided that maybe we did need representation. Most people go on referrals but since we were new to the area we had nobody to give us referrals.

After meeting you, I interviewed 3 other Realtors and not one was able to impress me as much as you. You were patient and listened, gave me facts and backed them up with experiences. One realtor talked about how much business he had and how he was on the board of everything in his city, taught seminars, and had all these licenses but my question was, but will you have time for US?

Another realtor came only with a business card but was not prepared to be our Realtor. She didn’t have a portfolio, wasn’t writing down my preferences and didn’t have a list of potential houses when we met. We were expecting these things from a professional who had plenty of information after our initial phone interview.

The last Realtor was just simply inexperienced and dodged my questions about how long she had been a Realtor as well as questions about the market’s history and where she thought the market would be in 10 years. She tried to answer based on what she thought I wanted to here.

You were the opposite of all these people. You came prepared, answered all my questions, and convinced me that you would always be accessible.

You just had a way of always making us feel like we were your #1 client. I know I was very direct in telling you exactly what I expected from you and how I wanted things done. My perfectionism has made it difficult for many to work with me but you handled yourself with so much class and respect. You stepped forward when you needed to and knew when to step back and let me be in charge. I appreciated your flexibility.

You know our process did not go smoothly. The lesson we learned was ‘listen to Rob’. Against your advice, we went out and found our own mortgage broker and I put our loan in jeopardy. You were on top of this broker every step of the way. You were such a calming presence to us during our closing because we knew you would be overseeing all the paperwork.

You were always reassuring us about the process, telling us that these things always happen. You later confided in us that you were very nervous when we were trying to close the deal but you never let it show. We got through it because you conducted yourself with so much professionalism and confidence. The community and Carlmont is so lucky to have somebody so honest, professional, confident, and knowledgeable in all aspects of buying and selling a home.

Most importantly, you have shown that buying and selling is about dealing with people and emotions. Your customer service skills set you apart from every other realtor.

Keep up the great work and count on us for any recommendations.

Thank you, Jessica and Scott Collibee

Scott and Jessica Collibee
San Carlos

October 18th, 2005

Dear Rob,

Josh and I can hardly believe that we are in our new home! Even though some boxes remain unpacked and we don’t have everything totally organized, it feels amazing to be in OUR space. I didn’t expect to feel so strongly about owning a home and yet after moving in I keep saying to myself “This is ours!” It feels great. Thank you so much for your help and such hard work. You were available to us at all times, making extra efforts to ensure that we were informed and comfortable with the process. You spent so much time with us and I appreciate your tireless work ethic. Finding a home that feels right is important and you understand that concept. Rob, we really appreciate that you always took that extra step and really invested so much energy into our investment. Thank you!

Elizabeth Green Field Marketing Coordinator Clif Bar Inc. www.clifbar.com

Joshua And Elizabeth Green
South San Francisco

Dear Rob,

Thanks for all your involved actions to make the dream of owning in the bay area a reality. You always returned my calls and worked well with my real estate team to make the deal come together. Thanks so much for putting a contract together to cover our closing costs. Miraculously we were able to purchase in west San Mateo even though we were only saving and preparing to buy for a short 5 monthes. We could not of done it without you. Thanks again for all the encouragement and direction and knowledge you provided us to make this happen with great success. You truly had our best interest in mind and we are so happy to be one of the newest home owners on the Peninsula.

Very truly

Joel and Victoria

Joel & Victoria
San Mateo

From: Manisha Turner & Kevin Reynolds Sent: 3/29/12 9:07 AM Subject: THANKS! Rob Reynolds My husband and I have known Rob since 2008. We moved to the Bay Area from the East Coast and, after a year of renting, learned the value of owning a property in this area (and that we'd rather put our money into a mortgage instead of "throwing it away" in rent payments). As students, we quickly learned how very little $300,000 could get us in this area. This was very disconcerting for me, as my mind could not wrap around how vastly different the market is out here from back East. Rob was very honest with us about our options, whether we decided to purchase or not. He never tried to persuade us about a property either positively or negatively and was always available for any questions or concerns we had. Rob kept in touch with us over the years while we sort of got a feel for the area, learning about the best neighborhoods for raising children and for first-time homebuyers. He never made us feel like we were wasting his time even when he knew we weren't ready to purchase yet. One of the greatest advantages of working with Rob, (aside from his winning personality and rugged good looks), is that he has been in this business for quite some time and has culminated excellent relationships with people in all areas of his work including listing agents, financial advisors, etc. So you can be confident that, should you find a property you love, he will do his best to get you a great deal and to close quickly. We just closed on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Menlo Park. It was a short-sale, which can be a long, tedious and sometimes frustrating process. Rob kept us updated every step of the way and really helped us to stay on top of all of the paperwork that was needed throughout the process. There were 3 other offers on the house, so it was a very close call. I firmly believe it was Rob's good standing relationships with the other people involved that helped us to close the deal. We are very happy with the services Rob has provided us and highly recommend him.

Mainsha & Kevin Reynolds
Menlo Park

March 14th, 2013 When my wife and I decided we finally wanted to cut the ties with our old place in San Mateo, we had already bought a place in San Francisco, so we were cash-poor and motivated to sell. Classic problem, and a time where we were in danger of taking a low-ball offer for our house. Thankfully Rob was around to make sure we did the right things to maximize the value for our home, and, even better, he made the process as painless as possible for us. He helped us find contractors to do the work that needed to be done, and served as an awesome point of contact for all the work to turn our well-loved, but well-used, asset into a beautiful, sale-able property that put money back in our bank account and put the buyers in a happy home.

Thanks Rob for your hard work!

Travis and Taska

Travis and Taska
San Mateo

Dear Prospective Home Buyer:

Having just gone through the stressful time of selling my property in a different county, I was now ready to assume the position of buyer in the Peninsula. I decided to look on my computer for a townhouse that would fit my needs. One did, so I phoned the listing agent and it so happened he was having the open house the next day, February 11th. The property wasn't for me, but the agent, Rob Reynolds, would be the one to help me find my dream home. The knowledge he has of the area I was interested in combined with TWENTY years of experience and his forthrightness to the questions I asked assured me I'd found the right person to work with. Rob and I began looking at other properties on February 15th. He needed to know my most important issues and the ones that didn't make a difference one way or the other. On the 20th he called to have me see a property that met all of my needs and it surely did, plus some. I followed Rob's advice, I certainly don't have any knowledge on my own in this realm, and we immediately prepared our offer. Rob knew this was a "very hot property" and this is where his expertise really came into play. The day offers were being accepted by the seller we were completely ready to go. On the 26th of February, the day the seller was making the decision of what offer to accept, Rob kept in close contact with me which in my case meant alot as I was once again "very stressed out" and needed to be reassured we had done the very best could, whichever way it went. At 7:15PM Rob called to congratulate me and tell me the townhouse was mine!

I highly recommend Rob Reynolds because of the diligence and knowledge and sincerity he possesses . He truly makes his client "number one".


Nancy Azevedo

Nancy Azevedo
Foster City

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